Starting Itinerary from Smartpoint

To start Itinerary, type the command #ITIN in your Smartpoint Window. An Active Booking File needs to be open.

You can use Itinerary Custom toolbar button alternatively.


Itinerary will open in an external Smartpoint window.


If you experience a problem when starting Itinerary and you get the response CHECK ACTION CODE after the command #ITIN, please do the following:

Step 1

Error CHECK ACTION CODE is received after #ITIN.


Step 2

Type and send the command #DELETEPLUGINCACHE.


Step 3

You will get the response Plugins Cache file deleted.


Step 4

Type and send the command #RESTART which will close and open the Smartpoint window. Then type and send the command #ITIN again.

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  • 0
    Binham Group (Travel & Tours)

    instal done but not working commands 

  • 0
    George Thomas

    There seems to be some problem with the #ITIN where do so does nothing but returns "CHECK ACTION CODE". Finally deleting the user data dir of Travelport solved it. isn't there a better way to accomplish this ?

  • 0
    Arthur Davtian

    I get message back with "check action code" and have try everything but stil not working. Know somebody solution?
    thank you!

  • 0
    Wong, Chris

    I did follow the installation instruction. When I key in #ITIN, there was an error message " EXECUTABLE PATH IS NOT VALID".

  • 0
    George Thomas

    None seems to be working as advised. but deleting the SP directory from the USER data directory solves it.

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