How to set up email sender?

Itinerary can send an email on your behalf. The email configuration needs to be set up on each computer.

Step 1

Click on the  icon in Itinerary.


Step 2

Fill in all the fields in the email settings section of Configuration. If you don’t know all the details, please contact your email Administrator.

If there is MS Outlook installed on your PC and you would like to send Itineraries through it just tick this option:


If you wish to use your Gmail account for sending Itineraries tick the second option (short video how to proceed with this option is available here


If you wish to use other mail server choose the third option and set up SMTP details. Ask your IT guy for an assistance if you are not sure what to fill in here.

The SMTP settings guide for Yahoo! is available via shown link.

Use TEST EMAIL TO COPY ADDRESS button to verify your mail settings.

A copy of each itinerary will be sent to you if you fill in Copy Address input field.


Click SAVE after setting all fields.



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  • 0
    George Thomas

    what is the SMTP URL for hotmail ? i can underset SMTP server address. but ignoring URL returns and error.

  • 0
    Parvez Akhter

    Hi George.

    Sorry for late reply.

    Can I provide  gmail  or other url.


    Parvez Akhter

  • 0
    George Thomas

    Gmail does not seem to be working. Less secure apps has been turned ON and when testing, it returns an error saying "certificate validation failed"

  • 0
    Martin Krupicka

    Hello Thomas,

    tight now we are testing new version with Gmail support. Release will be soon.


    ITIN is fully supporting GMAIL.

    Edited by Martin Krupicka
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