How to customize Itinerary (logo, content, language, date format, etc.)?

Itinerary gives you an opportunity to add your company logo, display customized content to your client and select the language and date format of the Itinerary. 

The content of the Itinerary is controlled by ticking or unticking the relevant check boxes.

If you wish to hide booking class information, it is controlled through the Template (look for Template_No_Booking_Class.html).


The language of the Itinerary is also controlled through used Template.


Further options can be set up in the Configuration.


Company logos (Header) and (Footer) can be set up as a publicly accessible URL in Configuration. Please always use secured protocol (HTTPS).

Preferred date format can also be selected here.

mceclip0.png affiliate partner settings are explained here.

Once you copy a URL in the boxes, click SAVE.


The template of ITIN is stored by default in the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\CEE Travel Systems\CEE Itinerary".

This can be changed in ITIN settings - field "Template Directroy".



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    Dcosta, Hazel


    Customer is stugging to host Logo and set up the emails for individual users as the customer hosts Galileo in the iCloud. Please see the comments below from Agent:

    Does the programe (App) copy the image before sending or is it expecting the image to be available to the internet and link back to the itinerary on the server?


    If you need a call set up, lets do that to save email going back and fourth.






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    Marek Tresnak

    Hello Hazel,

    the body of the email is HTML that contains a link to the source image file of the logo. It means that recipient has to have access to this url to be able to download it.

    Hope this helps

    Marek from CEE Travel Systems

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    Arberia Travel Oy

    hello can you sedn lin hau i can cheng langvich 


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    Arberia Travel Oy

    i hawer this

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Travelport\Smartpoint 

    no corket 

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    Rajneesh Bhatnagar


    How to add agency logo?

    i am entering file location of logo.jpeg , but it is not picking up logo


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