What to do when GEM doesn't run and I get a strange error message?

Please always read the message carefully. It should indicate the reason why GEM cannot work or proceed.

Frequent messages are:

  1. Your subscription has expired. Please contact your account manager or us directly on

  2. NO B.F. TO DISPLAY    or    SIGN IN

GEM is based on Internet Explorer and works only in the PCC which is set on the agent’s computer the in TCP/IP in Control Panel as default, otherwise you can receive the error response mentioned above:


 If you need to exchange/reissue a ticket in another PCC, you need to:

  • change the settings of the default PCC on your computer, or
  • you can prepare the whole exchange/reissue in the default PCC, store Filed Fare and Exchange mask in the PNR, then open this PNR in a different PCC and issue a new ticket using only the >TKP< entry.

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