GOL IBE implementation

Here's a summary of GOL IBE's implementation process:

  1. Based on Travel Agency choice Travelport account manager sends us the GOL IBE order for a particular tier.
  2. The contracting is paperless. Terms of Service are accepted by submitting the order and paying the first annual deposit.
  3. We send you an invoice for the annual deposit based on your selected tier.
  4. Once we receive your payment, we initiate your GOL IBE implementation by sending you further instruction.
  5. Following the instruction, you complete and submit the implementation form. Based on the provided information, we prepare your GOL IBE front-end (ie. the search form), and we share it for your review.
  6. In the meantime, your Travelport account manager signs the IPR form with you, and then submits a request for Additional Host Access Profile (HAP) to the Travelport Provisioning team.
  7. Once your HAP is ready and credentials released, we interconnect your PCC, HAP and GOL IBE.
  8. We guide you on how to integrate the search form into your existing website (homepage).
  9. We give you a free of charge back-office training in the form of a webinar.
  10. Your GOL IBE goes live.
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    Richard Zanáška


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    Sadam Hussain

    i have already purchase this api but how to used it in website 

    i generate the html static code but in they not open in my website this api redirect to official site 

    i want to open the flight search in my website  

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